Star Haiku contest application guidelines

Recruitment department:
① Elementary school students
 (Including infants)
② Junior high and high school students
③ General
④ Overseas 

4 departments in total
※Limited to one phrase per person, unpublished phrase.

Application method:
① Mailing strips 
    * Please bear the mailing cost
② Posted from the phrase form on this site

•Jury Grand Prix Award(Banya Natsuishi )
•Osaka Governor's Award
•Katano Mayor's Award
•Hirakata Mayor's Award
•Katano City Superintendent of Education Award
•Hirakata City Superintendent of Education Award
•Hoshidamyokengu Award 
•Katano City Story Award

•Elementary school students Grand prize
 (Including infants)
•Junior high and high school students Grand prize
• General Grand prize
• Overseas Grand prize

12 awards in total 

Other Fine work : Several points for each department

●Subject for a haiku: star, something related to the stars (Both fixed form haiku and free form haiku are acceptable)
● Judge: Banya Natsuishi (Haiku poet from Hyogo, Professor of Law at Meiji University)
● Participation fee: free
● Commendation ceremony: 6:00p.m. JST July 6th, 2023
  Place: Hoshida Myokengu (This ceremony will be shown on YouTube.) 
● Organizer: Amanogawa-Katanogahara Japanese Heritage Project Executive Committee
● Supporters: Katano City, Katano City Board of Education, Katano City Exchange Association, Katano City Hoshinomati Tourism    Association, Hirakata City, Hirakata City Board of Education, Hirakata Culture and Tourism Association, Osaka prefecture, Osaka Prefectural Board of Education, Setsunan University, Katano Orihime University, Hoshida Myokengu, World Haiku Association, Ginyusya
● Delivery address: To: Hoshi no Haiku Contest Section
    Hoshida Shrine 2-5-14 Hoshida, Katano-shi, Osaka-fu 576-0016 Japan

The Submisson form is valid from April 1 to May 31.