The 4th Star Haiku Contest

This year we're accepting applications both online and in strips!

The award ceremony will be held from the evening of July 6th (Thursday).

At the Hoshida Myokengu Tanabata Festival Simultaneous.


subscription period: 1, April,2023~31,May, 2023

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Why don't you make a haiku with your thoughts on the stars?

ーKobo-Daishi Kukai during his ascetic training at Shishikutsuji Temple

Stars fell from the sky as he chanted the magic wordsー


There is such a legend in Katanogahara.

There are also other places named after stars, bridges and temples associated with Tanabata Shrines, legends, etc.

Katanogahara is home to many things related to stars. It is a rare place in the world.

We will hold a haiku contest on the theme of stars in this place.


By doing so, we can I hope that people will think about the stars and become  aware of the charms of their hometown.

In the hope that The "Haiku Contest of the Stars" will be launched in 2019 and will be held at the National.

We have received approximately 1,000 submissions.


Just as we were about to hold the second contest in 2020, the following year,

but the unprecedented national crisis caused by the  Covid-19,

the state of emergency was declared and people were not allowed to gather under the circumstances.


 The Star Haiku Contest has also been canceled.


The following is a brief summary of the events that took place during the year under review.


In 2021

Even Covid-19 still persist, a new way of living penetrates and virtual event were getting common.

The 3rd year of Reiwa era, the theme was "Changing Festivals, Unchanging Prayers," and

we collected applications mainly online. Then, there were 2,107 submissions from 26 countries, including Japan.


In 2022

The holding contest of 3rd Annual Star haiku was decided.

For this time, we’re going to accept submissions

in the form of Tanabata paper strips 

and online submissions at the same time.


The award ceremony will be held on Thursday, July 7,

at the Tanabata Festival of Hoshida Myokengu Shrine,

and will also be broadcast on the Internet.


We hope that anyone take part in the Haiku Contest,

which you can do at home, as one of our activities as a communication tool

for family, friends, children and grandparents.

※Star Haiku contest application guidelines

subscription period: 1, April,2022~31,May, 2022

3rd contest awards show archive

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